Tunnel, bridge & history

International Architecture Contest - “Tunnel, bridge & history”
Preliminary project for two bridges on the Arno River
Florence - Tosco-Romagnola National Road 67, Vallina hamlet


From the architectural standpoint, the two bridges are designed as one symbol marking the boundary between Vallina and the other bank of the Arno. Although the two bridges cannot be identical because of the difference in the breadth of the river and the span to be covered, they both make reference to the same structural type, an open scheme enabling diversification and adaptation of both bridges without altering the overall concept.

The bridge is not only open to vehicles crossing the river, but also provides a safe easy connection between various hamlets and the central area delimited by the river, thanks to its bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.
The use of a green belt along the entire structure, reducing the roadway to the surrounding area, partly conceals and integrates it, thanks to the many plants and flowers.
The two bridges, through the continuity of the roadway, become essentially a single presence, enriched by a recreational site in the middle offering various activities for local communities and passers-by.

The plant cover completely conceals the volume, while recreational areas connect the alignment of the bridge to the riverbank, completed by rehabilitation of the parks and gardens.
In this context the bridge acquires the strength and the value of a natural, cultural, social and economic landmark for the entire site, rather than remaining an isolated road structure, an umpteenth gash in the landscape.

Date and Place:
Florence, 2005

Kieran Rice, Niccolò Baldassini – RFR Parigi (team leader) Jean Marc Schivo, Lucilla Revelli (design supervisor)