The regular up-dating of OECD and UNO data referred to on-going climate change forewarn us of a highly unstable future caused by global warming (see chart) due to the greater need for energy, to population growth and to the concentration of the population in large metropolitan areas.

The increase in greenhouse gases, pollution, the risks affecting the availability of water and food and agriculture, the drastic drop in fossil resources and the loss of an additional 10% of global biodiversity within 2050 are facts that are unfortunately becoming consolidated but need to be opposed as firmly as possible by seeking new and responsible alternative solutions.

In this development process, architecture is the central element of a new way of conceiving the local area, its sustainable development and the safeguarding of its resources.

Biodiversity and just-in-time energy are the key concepts that our firm applies wherever it is at work. Suggesting local-area models, technological and spatial solutions, design and systems for developing renewable energy able to model complex situations for the benefit of the local area, understood as an organism sharing resources, energy and social issues paying attention to local situations and, at the same time, closely linked to an interactive global system made of transparency and sharing.