International center for the cetacean preservation

International center for the cetacean preservation


Italy, Principality of Monaco and France signed, on November 25th, an agreement for the building of an international sanctuary for sea mammiferous protection. The project area include the Ligurian Sea and part of the Tirreno Sea.

The objective: provide the Ligurian West Coast with a new cultural center of International interest, today missing, to be positioned between Monaco Oceanographic Museum and Genova's Aquarious. The International center for the cetacean preservation with his laboratories, his cultural center and the big expositive spaces, represent an absolute novelty in the Italian museum structure.

The project cover an expositive area of 4.000 mq., placed in directly contact with the sea, provide the recovery of some industrial archaeological building that will be converted in smaller exposition areas: laboratories, library, services buildings. The two main exposition areas will have an organic form, inspired by the cetaceans dynamic, and will contain the big cetaceans collection, realized in real scale and exposed (hanging from the roof) in a kind of suspended migratory flux, in a sensible walls environment with live projection of real sea life. A big architectonic and show space that will transform the dynamic of the whole urban space.

Date and Place:
Imperia, 2003

Agnesi 1824 SpA – Comune di Imperia

J. M. Schivo & Associati s.r.l.
(Jean Marc Schivo & Lucilla Revelli)

Maurizio Wurtz, scientific curator of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco