Enlargement of the oceanographic museum

The jellyfish


Prince Albert I founder of the oceanographic museum in Monaco, chose the jellyfish as the symbol of his museum and the jellyfish guided and inspired the whole enlargement project. Studying its different planktonic and pelagic forms, some aspects of its growth emerged, giving the idea for a structure based on its transparency and polimorfism.

A place for research and a temple of the sea, as the author of the present museum defined it, the Medusa is a new dream museum for the third millenium.

One hundred years after its foundation, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco renews, with an innovative program, its international role for the next century; a new arrangement for the place; a new entrance of the Aquarium with a multipurpose sensorial space; Aurelia: 2600 sqm for exhibitions over the water before to dive in an innovative submarine Visionarium. The symbol of the Museum, the jelly - fish, is now a reality and generate an organic fascinating architecture.

Date and Place:
Principality of Monaco, 2000

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

J.M. Schivo & Associati s.r.l. (Jean Marc Schivo e Lucilla Revelli)

Glass technology: Gruppo Bodino SpA
Coordination: François Doumenge, director of the Oceanographic Museum