Residential Complex

Residential Complex


The housing estate has been designed to allow the widest view on the surrounds. As a matter of fact, it is situated in one of the most panoramic areas of the Fleming district, and at the foot of a hill equipped as a public park. The blocks of flats are built with high quality standards; their large balconies project out for more than four metres and are covered with vegetation so as to create a significant visual impact. Four large penthouses built on two levels give the estate its peculiar architectural identity. The microclimate inside is regulated by large bio-climatic hothouses. The structure is also equipped with a photovoltaic system, solar panels to produce water heating for domestic uses, a rainwater gathering system, ventilated facades made in “cotto”, to which are added some steel elements that give a remarkable high-tech look to the whole structure.


Date and Place:
2007 Rome

Samar S.r.l.

J.M. Schivo & Associati s.r.l.
(Jean Marc Schivo & Lucilla Revelli)

Design Team:
Bioarchitecture: Bioproject Group
(Jacopo Fedi and Carlo Brizioli)