ECB – European Central Bank
Urban Planning and Architectural Design Competition


Eighty firms in the world have been selected to plan the new head office of the European Central Bank.
The Valle Studio, the only Italian structure to be chosen, coordinated an international team that undertook all the aspects, from the urban planning to the technology to the bioclimatic planning.  Our firm collaborated during the whole projecting phase to elaborate the ideas, realize the inner parts and create the right architectural image.  The project is characterized by a great sheet of glass  with all the offices that then alignes diagonally with the existing building, with a spacious, suspended conference-room on the inside that the focal point of the operation.  A unique subtle transparent volume that testifies the inner vitality of the building creating a dialogue with the centre of the city.

Date and Place:
2003 Frankfurt, Germany

Studio Valle Progettazioni
(Tommaso Valle)

Design Team:
Buro Happold:
Engineering: Edith Blennerhassett, Alan Herbison, Nick Nelson, 
Robert Ruttledge, Steven Williamson
Studio Schivo e Associati
Design concept: Jean Marc Schivo, Lucilla Revelli
Studio DA
Architectural image: Cesare Maria Casati, Matteo Casati
Studio De Vita
Urban planning
Studio Ponis
Landscape planning