Urban Splash - Eco district

Urban Spash - Eco district 
International Design Competition


With the aid of a series of valid promoters, the city of Manchester has for some time been recuperating and reconverting several interesting suburban areas.

The aim of the competition was to propose ideas to reconvert an area along the River Irwell’s banks, realizing a series of housing spaces and facilities for commerce and free time.

Instead of the traditional housing projects that almost totally saturate an area, our project opted for a “vertical village”, a particularly articulate structure that takes full advantage of bioclimatic technology. The village is based on four different-sized residences (from 200 – 160 – 80 sqm) collective facilities, spaces dedicated to culture,  children, offices and nature, green planted zones and areas for future development.

 A new cultural center, mediatheque, a shopping center recalling a green hill, the participation of the river with areas devoted to activities along its banks, all become the protagonist of a space to be experienced in the harmony of nature. A pedestrian footpath completes the whole operation linking all the strategical points of the area.


Date and Place:
Manchester 2003

International contest

JM Schivo & Partners
(Jean Marc Schivo e Lucilla Revelli)