Liberté - Aerial pedestrian bridge

Aerial pedestrian bridge


This prototype for a pedestrian bridge, mainly held up by helium, is one of the possible applications of technology developed for constructing an innovative“Green Solar Airship” (l’Arca International no. 124/2015), a project created in partnership with Passion Transport and in conjunction with Estaca Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (Paris).



The second lightest element after hydrogen and the second most abundant element in the universe, helium makes airships completely safe and, in conjunction with the use of composite materials deriving from research into aerospace technology, it can also be used to construct new and innovative means of non-polluting transport to be used in areas at high environmental risk.

In a future that will inevitably be geared to eco-mobility, this technology will have all kinds of applications, such as the construction of aerial footbridges held up by helium, a first example of which is“Liberté Pedestrian Bridge”.



It has always been man’s dream to be free to move around the without being weighed down by conventional materials.

“Liberté” satisfies this desire for lightness and transparency with the help of a gas that is lighter than air and without the support of conventional systems.

Helium is, in fact, ideal for being contained in various forms of tanks used for such conventional purposes as crossing a river or urban obstacle, opening up new prospects and forgotten sensations.



The model that has been developed, the first in an extensive programme, is an approximately 200-metre-long design carefully scaled for the banks of the River Seine.

The footbridge, designed in a form of modules that can be assembled together, easily adapts to a variety of urban needs. Thanks to the lightness and durability of its materials (composite materials, carbon, aluminium) and helium, contained in separate compartments made of a double glazed aeronautical fabric, it can be easily dismantled and relocated elsewhere.

5000 m² of photovoltaic panels placed above the helium compartments and 1000 m² of piezoelectric tiles are activated by foot traffic to meet the energy needs for lighting up the system.



The 2024 Paris Olympic Games will host all kinds of sports along the banks of the River Seine in areas located betweenthe bridges of Alma, Invalides, Concorde and Sully.A number of temporary passageways will also be created to handle all the added foot traffic, so that pedestrians can cross over from one bank to the other in complete safety. This will also facilitate media coverage of the various events. Further footbridges will also be required for the Olympic Village in Saint Denis and for crossing the congested areas between Stade de France and the new Olympic Swimming Centre.

When the big event is over,“Liberté” will be relocated along the rivers Marne and Seine and other quiet and peaceful locations (currently underused) that will become easily accessible.

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Work in progress

JM Schivo & Partners
(Jean Marc Schivo e Lucilla Revelli)