Enlargement of Manama International Airport

Work in Progress


The project for the enlargement of Manama International Airport is part of the set of proposals presented by Assoimprese MENA at the 2014 International Garden Show 2014. It calls for doubling of the airport functions in order to meet the growing needs of this area.

The shape is the result of a precise functional programme based on the need to give the airport a new identity, a strong image as a medium, resulting also from the energy optimisation criteria applied to the whole structure.

Indeed, the roof can house over 200,000 square metres of photovoltaic panels for the production of locally used power, and has provisions for automatic management of light and shade in the interior, paying special attention to the catering and reception area, in which there are large bioclimatic gardens.

In view of the great importance attributed by the government to the urban green area, a system of parks and gardens with fountains built into the architecture and giving life to an urban landscape with a strong emotional impact has been envisaged for the airport access areas, the outside road system, and the parking areas.

Date and Place:
2014, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Proposal for the Bahrain International Garden Show 2014

Assoimprese Mena

JM Schivo & Partners
(Jean Marc Schivo e Lucilla Revelli)

Work in progress