Ecocityy System - Live City solution

Proposal for a model of self-sustaining city for the Gulf Area


In the framework of the applications of the Eco City System ecosustainable platform, the Live City solution is a model designed for desert climates, and in particular for countries in the Persian Gulf region.

Live City applies the same functional criteria to distribution, communication and transport systems as the other examples developed earlier, as well as the same renewable energy production and management technology, adapted, in this case to different clime-related needs.

Its main feature is that it can model the energy-producing roofing system adapting it to the site, whether in a desert hinterland or close to the sea, in order to obtain, where possible, the greatest possible natural ventilation by exploiting the prevailing   winds and optimised shading, which is essential in hot climates.

Furthermore, 500,000 square metres of photovoltaic panels distributed on the roofing ensure effective support for the overall demand for energy.

The most important difference by comparison with other projects consists of the special attention paid to the water system and to the agricultural and food system.

The ability to desalinate sea water and to produce water starting out from the moisture in the air ensure that the system is completely self-sufficient, both on the food and agriculture side and for daily us by the inhabitants.

What is more, Live City is to all effects and purposes a smart city, thanks to its connection and control systems and those enabling new-generation economy managed by the web and connected with other production activities present in the area to be developed.

Date and Place:
2014, Manama, Bahrain


JM Schivo & Partner
(Jean Marc Schivo & Lucilla Revelli)

Technical partner:
eFM s.r.l. SmartWorld - Dubai