Luxury Hotel in Hainan Island
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Luxury Hotel in Hainan Island


Situated on Hainan Island, one of the tourist resorts of greatest prestige in the whole of China, not far from Hong Kong, this five-star hotel features a particularly attractive futuristic design starting out from a brief to erect a building on the sea front able to make a clean break with those built there up to that time. Its peculiar shape combines nature, technology and design in a single message. From the seaside resort to the villas located on each side of it on the artificial hills, the project consists of three sectors. The one in the centre has an extensive photovoltaic roof characterising the entrance to the complex , with its shops and services and the first block of standard rooms. The second block houses the suites and has a large swimming pool acting as a roof, onto which the spa, gyms, restaurants, bars and business rooms face. The third sector features the congress centre dominating the whole hotel complex, including a ballroom, meeting rooms, a restaurant and so on. In this game of superimposed layers, the water and greenery, both out-of-doors and indoors, are the real attraction of the whole project, combining design, furniture, technology and energy.



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Luxury Hotel in Hainan Island


J.M. Schivo & Partners
(Jean Marc Schivo & Lucilla Revelli)