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Supertall Buildings
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The forecasts expressed by the CTBUH concerning the evolution of the number of super-tall buildings in coming years, particularly in the Far East, lead us to imagine a growing number of constructions over 600 metres high- This project, developed jointly with a series of technical partners has the aim of offering potential investors innovative solutions in terms both of quality of the design and of management.

Unlike current super-tall buildings, only too often designed according to criteria that do not take the identity of the site into account in any way, Tao Towers  are a living organism, an energy path, a flow of vital energy running vertically through these two towers that interact with one another, offering in their interiors that sense of universal harmony that binds every level of the cosmos: earth, man and sky.

These towers are therefore  not simply superimposed storeys but a sequence of internal spaces, of worlds connected and interconnected with one another, the expression of an internal nature in continuous movement. 

The nature and flows of Tao take on a precise form, the memory of the local area permeates its internal shape and technology exalts its elegance.

It is therefore an innovative model of a Super Tall building in which all the systems interact with one another, lowering consumption in order to ensure a highly profitable management process.

The two paired towers include office spaces, residential facilities, hotels , shopping areas, spas, gyms, swimming pools, areas for exhibitions, meetings and cultural events and restaurants.

It will therefore not be simply a question of storeys one on top of the other, but five large areas overlooked by all the functions of the tower.

 The complex is completed by other functional services such shopping facilities, offices, entertainment areas and for organic gardening able to cover most of the food needs of the residents with local  agricultural production.


All this means that the Tao Towers are a compact local-area model with the purpose, thanks to its innovative concept of organising a new-generation vertical eco district around it.

Date and Place:
2015, Research

JM Schivo & Partners
(Jean Marc Schivo & Lucilla Revelli)

Windtech Consultants Pty Ltd - Sidney (Tony Rofail)
Schindler Group (Alessandro Roversi)

Work in progress