Swimming pool roofing system
Mixed Use

Swimming pool roofing system and restructuring Centre for Olympic preparation "Giulio Onesti"


The project intended the restructure of the 50,00 x 25,00 metres Olympic pool, the realization of tribunes with 800 places and a new, low price roofing system, and provided the chance to design a new model for the Italian Swimming Federation. A structure made in strip wood has been conceived, entirely demountable and even applicable to climately similar situations and that could be also partly opened during the summer; a perfectly efficient pool structure, with no obstacles blocking  the view of swimming galas and competitions; spatial volumes are designed to minimise impact on the surroundings . A series of stretched membranes, even demountable, makes the roof extremely flexible in its use, allowing to uncover the pool both partially and completely, also at the sides and create spatial rhythm, while the stands, made of laminated wood, complete a highly flexible complex. 

European Prize GLULAM 1991: best structures realized in lamellar wood.

Date and Place:
1989, Rome

C.O.N.I. - F.I.N.
(Federazione Italiana Nuoto)

J.M. Schivo & Associati s.r.l.
(Jean Marc Schivo & Lucilla Revelli)

Claudio Cecconi

Design Team:
Structures in lamellar wood: Jean Marc Schivo Uff. Tecnico HolzBau SpA: Giorgio Bignotti